Strip poker rules

Rules of Texas Holdem Strip poker.

The rules follow the classic Texas Holdem on "No Limit"
Be sure you understand the rules of poker before entering a game.
You can find the rules of poker everywhere on the net.

How to play Strip poker

You can play strip poker on the website for free :
- You must have at least a webcam or smartphone or tablet
- You must connect to the website with a recent browser supporting html5 we recommand Google Chrome.
- You can play on your smartphone

The Website offer you some free tables (Publics tables) , if there is many players be patient or Upgrade to VIP.

To play you have to :
- Accept the The Terms of use.
- You have to connect on a table with at least a free place.
- Take a first picture that will be showed on the table list for other plaer to know you before join (They cannot see private tables).
- Choose to train with the computer waiting for an opponent or only wait for real opponent (only if you are the first player on the table).
- Validate a new player in the game when someone ask to play with you.

You should NEVER refresh the page or open many tab on your browser you ma risk to be disconnected from the game.
If you are disconnected , your opponent win the game and you will loose points for the ranking.

Games are done on Texas Holdem rueles.

When a player have no more chips , he have to remove a clothe and take a picture without this clothe , his opponent should validate the strip (during the game all pictures are private to the players in the game).
To maintain a balance in the game, when a player accept the strip, his cave is reduced by half the starting cave to be credited to the player who removed a clothe (this is called a sale in the game).
The game end when a player have no more clothes and no more chips (the number of clothes is indicated in the table list), a clothe picture can be replaced by a dare in case the player have less clothes than required by the table.

If many players ask on the forum for table without resale (pure rebuy) as at official tournaments we will add these tables.

Sell a clothe

When a player has no more chips , he can sell a clothe to his opponent for a half cave.
In this case the cave of the opponent is decreased and the cave of the player increased.
The selling is done with the button "Sell" , the webcam turn's on and the player can take is picture (a timer is available).
Example :
Starting cave : 200$

Sandra has only 20$
Jeff has 380$

Sandra undress a clothe , take a picture and sell it to Jeff.
Jeff accept the deal

Sandra's cave will be 120$ , Jeff cave will be 280$.

This principle was established in order to maintain a certain balance in the game, feel free to make some comments on this system on our strip poker forum.

Register free

- Register is free , just do it !
- Informations collected are only used for the website and will not be given to third party.
- By registering you will have access to the member area.
- Only registred user can get VIP.

Member area

In the member area, registred user can :
- Send mail to other players
- Setup their profile (recommanded)
- Consult their invitations
- Consult the players statistics
- Consult the member list
- Invite other members to private tables (VIP only)


There is 2 ways to became VIP:
- By winning a challenge on the website (Tournaments, ...)
- by paying the VIP subscription fees

VIPs have access to all the tables without limitations.
VIPs can invite other players (vip or not) to private tables.
VIPs have a VIP logo before their pseudo to be more visible to other players.
VIPs can take a profile pictures for more visibility.
VIPs are placed at the beginning of the member list.
VIPs have more computer opponents to play.

The payment is done with our partner Starpass, no payment informations are stored by our site and we have no access to your payment informations.
The payments are not recursive so no surprise, at the end of your subscription you will receive a reminder for extend your subscription.
In case ou win a challenge , your VIP subscription will be automaticly extended. Get VIP Now !

Points and Ranking

Points are calculated only for strip-poker-online members.

The calcul is explained below :
- Buy a clothe : points
- Sell a clothe : points
- Win the game by forfeit(opponent disconnected before the end of the game) : points
- Win a finished game : points

The website offer a permanent tournament by week, month and all other the time.

Terms of use and sales

By entering the website you have understand and accept the following conditions :

- By entering a game you MUST be have the majority in your country (18+ in france).
- Some informations of your connection are stored for statistics and can be transmitted to the police in case of litigation. So you accept the use of cookies and the storage of your information/pictures/ip adress and all informations Strip-poker-online may need.
- The rights of all informations and pictures are given to Strip-poker-online. - Strip-poker-online cannot garantee that other players save your picture as the website structure cannot protect from malicious players, ou accept the risk that a player get your picture, so be vigilant.
- You assume to have a correct language in the chat and all communication tools on the website .
- You assume to play "Fair play" even you do not win all the time.
- ou assume that you will not send pictures or text that are not allowed by the law.
- Violence, politics, pornography and all kinds of extreme practice are not allowed on the site
. - You assume that you will not attempt to the proper work of the website
. - Strip-poker-online can not be responsible for images, text or other informations that you can diffuse through the site, you remain responsible for your actions.
- The use of the website and the game is subject to modération.
- Strip-poker-online can not guarantee that the website and tools are on line 24h/24h ,any problem detected on the site can be reported to the user 'Admin' to be treated as soon as possible. - The using of the sebsite is conditionned by the acceptance of the current terms of use.
- In case of problems you can at any time via messaging send a message to the user 'Admin' to evoke your problem, or contact us at the following address:

Non respect of these terms of use may expose you to sanctions like banning of the site, or judicial proceedingfor the most serious cases.
In case of non respect of the law of your contry , Strip-poker-online will deliver all the informations about your connections and data to the police.
Some of your informations are stored and can be delivered to the police in case of litigation.